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The Young Veins

I will make a epic post about the show later, full of pictures and tales of adventures, but right now I'll just say this:

I met Jon Walker.


my family is seriously pretty weird

Today I went with my sisters and my mom to visit my mom's aunts. Which resulted in some interesting stories:

1) Apparently there's this guy in my family who like was in the army for like 10 years and all this stuff and completely healthy, but one day he had to get an X-ray and it turned out he only had one lung. And he had never known this before. I guess he just was just born like that? It didn't really seem to be a big problem for him, until later on, and that's cause he smoked and stuff. It's just weird...

2) So I guess my mom had this uncle who liked to have lots of weird animals. Which is actually two stories- one time he had somebody staying at his house like petsitting. And she kept hearing somebody calling her a dirty bitch, and she was like, wtf. So she called him and asked like if he had any idea why this was happening. It was his bird. XD And she was all like, "If I find that bird, I'm going to wring his neck." XD And I guess he had a monkey once? We only know this because there is a picture of my great-grandmother with a monkey, and my mom's aunt says he probably brought it there. It's just like, a regular picture, her, some of her family, and a monkey dressed in a suit. I don't even know!

There may have been more but I've already forgotten. So I'm going to go to bed because I want to try and cook food tomorrow, and I also have to go the dentists. D:

Friday I get to see the Young Veins! :D



Windmills are all wobbly up close, and they look they're going to fall, but they don't, they just keep wobbling.

It's weird, but seeing a tiny little me and an epic giant windmill just makes me feel more powerful and more connected and more at peace.



1) Ask me anything?

2) Apparently, according to the Little Sister, the JoBros are no more. Instead Nick Jonas has a new band- Nick Jonas and the Administration. XD He kind of sounds like Jason Mraz. It's weird.

3) We are singing In My Life by the Beatles in chorus, along with a Japanese song. Chorus = amazing! :D

Bandom Big Bang

We will see how this goes.


This Is My Brain On Star Trek

Wrath Of Khan is officially one of the most depressing movies of all time. D:

Also, though, Spock and Kirk are totally gay married boyfriends.

Fangs Up?


Hey I kind of have a birthday! <3
I also have a working record player now. Donovan and the Beatles. OMFG.
And I bought a cute little Zebra plushie today and had yummy Chinese food.
And life's kind of okay?

Zombies and Such

I haven't posted much lately because I always feel like nobody cares. But I'm going to try and post again.

For some reason today everything feels too big and impossible and wrong, and the Bad People seem to outweigh the Good People, and instead of talking about this more, I'm going to instead post of Things That Make Me Happy.

1) NaNoWriMo. I am excited. And I made a pretty banner!

Anyone else doing it this year? We should be NaNo friends! :D

2) Halloween. I think I am going to be a vampire. Because my awesome idea- Victorian masquerade with one of the beautiful and really creepy masks from the Renaissance faire- didn't work because we didn't go back and I couldn't get a mask. :( But Victorian vampire might be cool if I do the make up right. Mostly I just like any excuse to wear Victorian clothes.

3) The Clockwork Quartet. They only have two songs, but they are two songs of epic awesomeness. Seriously. Go listen to them, especially if you are a fan of stories and steampunk.

4) My background on MySpace is zombies.

5) Speaking of zombies: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/25/man-called-zombie-while-o_n_333053.html

And...that is all. :)